#115 – Andy Mant – What Screens Before Bed Really Do To Your Sleep

#115 – Andy Mant – What Screens Before Bed Really Do To Your Sleep

Do you know what looking at screens before bed really do to our beauty sleep? Andy Mant is the CEO of BluBlox.com, a company built to design top of the line blue light blocking glasses. He explains how light has a wide spectrum. So, unless you block the full spectrum of certain colours (blue and green in particular) to avoid your sleep being affected.


Blue light isn’t always bad. In fact, the sun puts out blue light. Simply put blue light turns off your body’s melatonin production. Melatonin is a sleep hormone, once you’ve produced enough for the day your body knows it’s time for sleep. With the blue light glaring into our eye’s from our daily screen intake. It makes it hard for the body to know when to produce melatonin for sleep.


Andy Covers on the effect screens before bed truly have on your body. As well as so-called night mode hacks and screens that a lot of companies have designed for your phones, tablets and screens not actually working at all. Andy explains the hack he has used to change the tint of his screen with a simple triple-click of his middle button. The steps for the iPhone are in this link;


Andy The CEO Of Blubox


Andy is truly passionate about his business and dives deep into the science that backs up his amazing products. We have 2 pairs of BluBlox amazing glasses. One pair to wear during the day to reduce blue light intake whilst in front of screens as well as a night time pair to help reduce the amount of blue light taken in from fake lights and screens of an evening.


Andy has set up a code for all of our listeners and members. Using the checkout code ‘TCL’ will get you a 10% discount on your purchase from BluBlox. (we cannot recommend them enough)


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