#113 – Dave Driskell – Wanderlust

#113 – Dave Driskell – Wanderlust

Dave Driskell is the owner at CrossFit Wanderlust, an Instagram influencer, a model, a traveller, and an all-round good dude. Dave explains how he had tried many business ventures but nothing stuck and made him thrive. He wasn’t sad but he wasn’t happy. He knew life had more to offer him and knew it wasn’t doing what he was doing. So, Dave decided to sell all of his possessions and follow his wanderlust intentions.


Skip forward 6 years and Dave now owns an incredibly successful CrossFit box in Canggu, Bali. It’s a welcoming home for any travelling CrossFitter and Dave explains how and why they do some of the things they do at CrossFit Wanderlust.


Dave also explains how CrossFit Wanderlust has opened its doors to retreats. As Bali is a holiday destination and Wanderlust is located in the middle of this amazing destination, it’s the perfect venue to host your very own retreat for your gym, business or just for a group of friends.


Dave uses his social following to try and influence and make a change in others. He explains how he went on a limb to go travelling but it was the best thing he could have done as it led him to his happiness. If he can inspire others to the same destination that he’s accomplished the goal of his posting.


If you haven’t already visited, be sure to drop in at CrossFit Wanderlust next time you’re in Bali. Dave and the whole team at Wanderlust are super inviting.


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