#112 Haydn Wolfsbauer – The Supplements You’re Missing!

#112 Haydn Wolfsbauer – The Supplements You’re Missing!

Do you think that there are supplements you’re missing? Haydn Wolfsbauer is the owner of Boutique Athletic CrossFit. He’s a competitive athlete in the sport of CrossFit and ex-professional Rugby player. He has an extensive knowledge base in supplementation as he used to own stores in the industry. Haydn’s a father, husband, coach and an all-around awesome guy.


Haydn talks in-depth about adaptogens and herbs and how they are the Supplements all CrossFitters are missing. He comes from a background in the supplement industry has an extensive knowledge base when it comes to correct supplements to take for different sports.


Haydn explains how he puts a massive emphasis on mobility as when he transferred from rugby, suffered from mobility issues. He never let it get in his way and makes sure that his members all understand the importance of mobility and how to self-relieve niggles in the body.


Haydn’s code for mobilitywod.com is “HAYDN15”


We talk all things from fatherhood, business, training to 18.1 open scores. Haydn also goes deep into the rebrand of his gym. Once known as CrossFit Devour and now since the rebrand Boutique Athletic CrossFit. He explains how after looking at his gym population and his target market he realized the name and the space he had were actually contradictive to the result he wanted. Haydn rebranded and instantly sore an increase of 30-40 people in memberships. Since then he’s getting more frequent leads, as well as everything within the box and branding, are all now succinct.


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