#111- Live With A YES AND Mindset - Travis Thomas

#111- Live With A YES AND Mindset – Travis Thomas

Can you build the live with a YES and Mindset? This week we interview mindset coach, public speaker, author, podcaster, business owner father and husband Travis Thomas.


Travis has trained thousands of people and dozens of organizations (like the Chicago Cubs, Boston Red Sox, University of Georgia Football, US Soccer, Gatorade, PepsiCo., and Under Armour) on the principles of improvisation and how developing a “YES, And” mindset will help create an engaging, creative, collaborative, and healthier life and training atmosphere.


His book “3 Words For Getting Unstuck, Live Yes And” has helped thousands through their stagnant situations at work, home and on the sports field. In this interview, we dive deep into living an Improvisation lifestyle and how it can turn any negative situation into a positive. We talk about changing your mindset from a victim to victor. As well as explaining how to apply these new found skills into your everyday life. Also in your eating habits, your sporting team or individual journey as an athlete.


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