#110 – Pat Vellner – The Vellner Experience

#110 – Pat Vellner – The Vellner Experience

This week’s episode is all about the Vellner experience. Pat Vellner is 2x 3rd fittest man on earth. He currently lives in Toronto where he is a full-time Chiropractic student. Pat is incredibly good at using the time he has to fit in his incredibly busy schedule. He says this is not a new thing as he has been a competitive athlete for most of his life, dedicating up to 6 hours a day to gymnastics alone.


Pat is known for being incredibly humble and this comes across in many ways throughout this episode. We dive into the experiences that CrossFit has provided him with as well as the reality of not being able to do it all as he is dedicated to school and achieving a higher education.


We dive into the scandal around the third place in 2017 and how Pat was awarded his medal at The CrossFit Invitationals in Melbourne. He dives deeper into his thought pattern around the whole process as well as steps moving forward to make sure he’s not left off of the podium again.


Pat is a normal dude who lives in a share house, studies full time, has a long-distance relationship and an incredible work ethic. He makes it evident that structuring time and priorities are incredibly important and invaluable to his success. Pat also has just as much time as each of us does in his day… Find out more about the Vellner experience here in this podcast episode.


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