#108 – The Progrm – John Singleton

#108 – The Progrm – John Singleton

John Singleton is the creator of The Progrm. He was first bough onto the CrossFit Games scene with his work with Sara Sigmundsdottir and Bjorkvin Gudmanson. Since then he has worked with plenty of other games athletes and grown The Progrm to help not only games athletes but regular gym goers as well.

John lives a nomad life traveling from country to country in order to work with his athletes face to face. Even though he runs an “online training program” he loves to be face to face with his athletes to ensure he gets the full story of what’s going on with the individual.

John talks about recent training camps that they’ve run for Progrm athletes and the benefits of coming together as a group. John explains that he has just come off the back of a coaches weekend in which all of the coaches from The Progrm got together and hired a house. They also hired specialists to come from different areas to help further their knowledge. This included a breathing specialist and a human physiologist specialist.

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