#107 – Your Brain On Food – Dr Gary Wenk

#107 – Your Brain On Food – Dr Gary Wenk

This week we interview Dr Gary Wenk. Gary Wenk, a Professor of Psychology & Neuroscience. A Molecular Virologist, Immunologist and Medical Genetics at the Ohio State University and Medical Center, is a leading authority on the consequences of chronic brain inflammation and animal models of Alzheimer’s disease. Dr Gary is also the author of “Your Brain On Food” and “Your Brain: What everyone needs to know.”

Dr Gary explains that all things consumed have an effect on the body. Whether it’s a food, liquid or chemical-based product or raw. Whether it’s inhaled these products all have an effect on either the gut or the brain and this changes how they both function. Dr Gary challenges all people to look at food as a drug, as it’s all built on nutrients macronutrients and minerals that the body needs to function. Is the food beneficial for your gut and in turn beneficial for your brain or is it going to cause inflammation and hinder the brain?

Dr Gary has recently looked into studies on cannabinoids and the effect they have on brain function. They have found the results to be profound. Listen in to hear why Dr Gary thinks you should have a puff a day of marijuana.

Dr Gary also explains why you get addicted to food. He explains how it’s your brain that conducts the addiction pattern and it releases chemicals and hormones to make you crave certain foods that fall into the food groups of sugar, salts and fats.

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