#106 – Michele Letendre – Deka Comp

#106 – Michele Letendre – Deka Comp

Michele Letendre at Deka Comp is our focus today. This week we are joined by the wonderful Michelle Letendre. Michelle is a 5 times CrossFit Games Athlete turned coach. She is the head haunch over at Deka Comp and well known for her work with athletes such as Patrick Vellner and Carol Ann Reason Thibault.

Michelle is beyond passionate which really shines through in this podcast interview. We dive deep into her competition days and how it enables her to help other high-level athletes. Michelle also talks about the decision to leave competitive CrossFit and just how much of an impact it had on her life. Michelle explains how no two athletes are the same but how they can still do class workouts and get/stay fit. Empowering both the athletes and their fellow gym members to reconnect the gym as a community.

Michelle, being Pat Vellners coach, dives deep into how the situation of Ricky Garard testing positive on drugs affected her, Pat and the whole Deka Comp team. What she reveals is that one of the Masters’ athletes on Deka Comp was also caught. She dives deep into how upset this made her and the steps she’s had to take to make sure all athletes are compliant to the rules of CrossFit.

Michele Letendre at Deka Comp is very humbled and incredibly driven and excited to share her knowledge. This episode is not to be missed as Michelle has so many insights on both sides of the boat of being an athlete and coach.

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