#105 – Perkii – Matt Kowal

#105 – Perkii – Matt Kowal

Perkii is the latest and greatest probiotic drink on the market. On today’s episode, we interview the CEO of Perkii, Matt Kowal and find out the ins and outs of the product.

Perkii the super drink with 5 different flavours is refreshing and incredibly healthy. Matt explains the reason it surpasses other probiotic drinks is due to the process in which they take during the making of the drink. The company has placed a patent on the process. In short, they coat the good bacteria (probiotics) in a spray made from seaweed. This allows the probiotic to make it through the stomach acids and into the intestines where it can then be absorbed. Giving you the full benefit of the probiotic!

Here more about the findings behind the company. Why they base themselves out of a university and what studies they have conducted due to having access to the labs.

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