#103 – Better Than Steroids

Dr Willey is a Osteopathic Physician who operates out of Idaho, USA. He works with athletes from all realms including, MMA, CrossFit, Bodybuilding, NFL, and many more.

Dr Willey takes the outlook that aesthetics are a byproduct of health. If you want to look good and maintain looking good then you had better dial every aspect of your life in to support longevity.

Dr Willey has several books one of which is called “Better Then Steroids.” In this episode on the podcast we go pretty deep into what these methods are. He also talks about the side effects of performance enhancing drugs.

Dr Willey offers up a holistic approach to achieving results. As he states in the podcast he tried the conventional method of medicine and it didn’t work so now he goes after the cause and gets the fix.

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