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Rudd Rayns

Rudd Rayns

Rudd Rayns. BEd (Major) Sports Sci./ Pn1

  • Teacher/Educator (BEd majoring in Sports Science) completed in 2007
  • Cert 3 &4 in Fitness and Personal Training since 2011
  • Sports & Exercise Nutrition Coach (Precision Nutrition Pn1) completed 2016
  • Other Specialty Courses including: TRE (trauma release exercises), NRL Touch football coach

Hi, I am Rudd Rayns, a South African sports and nutrition enthusiast.  My journey into the Health and fitness industry has been eventful and life changing. From a school age I was blessed with the opportunity to play representative level for tennis, squash, rugby and kick-boxing, which furthered my interest in becoming a better version of myself. Extensive travel and work, specifically in New York, London and now Sydney has exposed me to many different people and life lessons.

I have always sought to understand why the human body does what it does.  After 9 years of teaching and observing behaviours at a special needs school I was lead to the study of the physical body and then the human brain. These were both linked in the most fascinating of ways where I found the most intricate connection to the human gut. Nutrition has now become one of my most important factors when teaching, counselling or training clients or myself.

My passion is to learn from and teach people the ‘Why/How Factors’ to get them to be the best versions of themselves.

Eat smart and be happy.