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We are a focused and driven team - based in Queensland, Australia - bringing you the latest in healthy eating meal plans, gym/home training programs and training apparel.

We are extremely passionate about what we do, well educated/qualified on the topics of nutrition and exercise and love helping people... But YOU have to be ready to help YOURSELF, otherwise you will fail. Our system works and we have had heaps of success, for both ourselves and thousands of Chiefers! If you're not ready just yet, you know where we are when you're ready to commit.

So, if you're mentally ready to tackle the challenge and make some positive changes to your lifestyle we are here for you and can help you 100% with achieving your goals.

Our objective is to get you on track to achieving your full potential in life, and we can help you achieve this by directing you to eat "REAL" whole foods in balanced portion sizes and guiding your training based on your health and fitness related goals.

Specific dietary requirements are no problem as The Chief Life meal plans - based on our "Gold Standard" templates, that we have created ourselves - can be tailored/customised to your likes/dislikes/allergies/health conditions. Our meal plans are suitable for absolutely everyone and we have seen fantastic results achieved so far!

Note: This does not mean UNIQUE, it means the more information you give us in your questionnaire, the better we can tailor your meal plan from our "Gold Standard" templates.