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adriantclAdrian Lamond,
36, Ipswich, Father of 3, Full time plasterer:

After 28 days on my meal plan with 'The Chief Life' the transformation was already huge (pictured left and middle). Not only did I start to lean out, I also saw massive strength... Read More...


Siobhann Bushe,
44, Toowoomba, Mother & Administrative Manager:

Siobhann has lost 11.5kg with us since starting her meal plan back in March and almost 30kg since starting her journey with CrossFit at CrossFit Confront... We're so proud of your hard work and discipline Siobhann!... Read More...


adriantclJodie Morrison,
37, Ipswich, Customer Service Officer:

I love this way of eating and really think it suits our lifestyle, values and goals and your plan and guides have made it very easy to stick to - so thank you!... Read More...


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About Us


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